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Mechanicsburg, PA Audio Services

Q’d Up is a unique post facility founded on a passion for sound and providing quality audio services to Mechanicsburg, PA. At Q’d Up we have the ability to aggressively meet every project’s needs with speed, passion and technical ease.

The facility specializes in high-impact sound design, re-recording mixing, editing, foley, casting, ADR and location sound recording and mixing for television programs and documentaries, short- and long-form film productions, and video games.


Audio Post Production Process

Q’d Up is a recognized leader in audio post production services, specializing in sound design, editing, mixing, narration recording, ADR looping for short- and long-form films, television programs, documentaries, video games, promos and commercials.  Our promise to fully service our client’s ever changing post production needs is unmatched.

Mechanicsburg, PA Sound Mixer Offering Film, Broadcast and Live Event Recording

A picture is the soul of a film, but sound is the heartbeat. Q’d Up is a highly-skilled sound recordist with extensive experience working in difficult environments. Besides being a “dry” sound mixer, Q’d Up is also a sound recordist and boom operator.

The major responsibility is to conceive and execute a plan for miking the shot. The Boom Operator is the Sound Department’s eyes and ears on the set. Shot after shot we perform on the front-line, in the furrows of film sound production. The productivity and technique of our decisions are very important aspects in gaining the trust of the mixer we are working with.

The production sound mixer oversees the audio recording as filming progresses, managing a crew of boom operators and other technicians. It’s up to him or her to select the best equipment for each scene – from what kind of mics to use and where to place them, to directing where the boom operator should position the boom mic. Q’d Up has worked on feature films, dramatic television series, network and local television commercials, band concerts and live musical shows and music videos.

Sound Designers Based in Central Pennsylvania

We are based in Central Pennsylvania and definitely willing to travel to Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, York, Reading, and beyond.  With over 10 years of experience working in production sound as a sound recordist, production sound mixer and assistant, we have dealt with many different situations on shoots, for different clients in different places.  This experience allows us to know what will and won’t work in the edit, or what post-production can do, allowing the director to capture the content and/or performance they need. Most problems aren’t resolved with a magic microphone or pressing the correct button, it’s a case of working as a team with other people to sort things out.


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We have been sound designers in Mechanicsburg, PA for over 10 years. We have a passion for custom-designing new sounds specifically for each and every project. We create customized audio accompaniment and sound fx for films, television programs, commercials, animations, video games and interactive media. To accomplish this task, we’re always willing to explore, find and record the best raw material for your session.


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