Experienced Sound Engineers in Lancaster, PA

Full-Service Audio Post Production Studio

Founded in 2006 by Sound Engineer John Luckenbaugh, Q’d Up is a full-service audio post-production studio located near Lancaster and serving clients worldwide. The studio specializes in high-impact sound design, re-recording mixing, editing, foley, casting, ADR and location sound recording and mixing for television programs and documentaries, short-form and long-form film productions, and video games.

We offer audio post production services to our clients after the recording process has been completed.  Our studio provides leading technology in a comfortable setting.  We mix everything from Theatrical Features to TV Documentaries and Interactive content. We are proficient in fulfilling different required deliverables for a variety of projects.  Audio post services include: audio and dialogue editing, ADR, re-recording mix, sound design, foley, and music scoring.


Lancaster, PA Sound Mixer Offering Film, Broadcast and Live Event Recording

Q’d Up is an experienced sound mixer providing quality audio services to Lancaster, PA. At Q’d Up we understand the many factors that need to be taken into consideration for location recording. Our sound mixers can do everything from record and mix multiple channels of audio for films, broadcast and live events or record custom sounds and atmospheres for use in sound design.

It is our goal to record and deliver high quality audio to all of our clients in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Our location audio equipment includes:

Single Kit:
(1x) Portable field mixer (1x) Microphone / boom pole kit (2x) Talent wireless kits (1x) Camera breakaway cable

Double Kit:
(1x) Portable multi-track mixer/recorder (1x) Microphone / boom pole kit (2x) Talent wireless kits (1x) Smart slate OR sync box

Main equipment (other equipment is available if needed):
Booms: KTek
Lavs: Lectro 400 with Sanken Cos-11
Shotgun: Rode NTG3, Sennheiser K6
Mixers: Sound Devices 302, Sound Devices 664, Zaxcom Nomad

When you need to record and mix multiple channels of audio for films, documentaries, television programming, commercials and sporting or corporate events, we’ll make sure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.

Sound Design & Foley in Lancaster, PA

Q’d Up is the studio trusted to craft memorable audio experiences able to build powerful scene momentum, underscore action, and evoke emotion.  From a hard-hitting 30-second promo to a surround sound feature film, we keep your audience engaged, entertained, and at the edge of their seat with the use of sound.


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