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Sound Design to Tell Your Story

Q’d Up can craft truly memorable audio experiences with sound design to get the sound effect, music or atmosphere that’s essential to telling your story. Let us bring your project to a new level with custom sound creation and Foley sound effects. Our sound design services give you the ability to build powerful scene momentum, underscore action and evoke emotion that may be lost in normal sound production.

When it comes to our sound design and music production services, we utilize a massive sound effect library that gives our sound designers access to the right sound for your project. In addition to commercial sound effects libraries, we draw on a large collection of our own custom studio recordings and designed sounds to bring each show to life.



Squeeky Door Icon About Foley Sound Effects

Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in audio post production to enhance quality. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the swishing of clothing to squeaky doors and breaking glass.

Foley sound effects supply the film with subtle and everyday sounds that the microphone often misses. Additionally these effects help recreate an accurate noise later during audio post production. We specialize in both traditional Foley recording and digital Foley sound effects. Both methods will give your project the natural feel and pace of human performance.

Foot Steps Icon Foley Recording & Editing

For the finishing touches on your project, you can rely on our team for accurate Foley recording and editing. With Foley editing, we can add anything from footsteps to a large variety of props into the mix. Put your viewer in the moment and bring your scenes to life with Q’d Up’s audio post production.


Sound Design Service in Hershey, PA

Q’d Up Audio has a passion for custom-designing new sounds specifically for each and every project. We create customized audio accompaniment and sound FX for films, television programs, commercials, animations, video games and interactive media. We’re always willing to explore, find and record the best raw material for your session from our Hershey, PA based studio. For more information on our sound design service, contact us today!


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