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Record Production

Master Level, Radio-Ready Recordings

Full-Service Record Production

Q’d Up Audio Services specializes in producing radio-ready, master-level music services for our clients and provides full-service record production. We give any client the potential for world-class sound with an array of equipment that is extremely versatile.

Our company has the ability to accommodate just about any size recording in either analog or digital. We take pride in consistently producing high-quality recordings from pre-production to the final post-production edit. Our team of expert sound engineers is ready to take your record production needs to the next level.


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Audio Recording

Great production isn’t just about finding a sound studio. You need a great space for audio recording with leading technology and master sound engineers.  We offer good sight lines for performers as well as individual headphone mixes and a variety of instruments, if needed.

Our audio recording space is designed to accommodate the needs of composers, producers and musicians from all genres. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent results at an affordable price.  Whether you’re looking to record a single voice or a complex musical composition, Q’d Up is the perfect place to get the job done.

Mixing & Mastering Services

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Use Q’d Up’s mixing and mastering services to make your track shine. We have the experience and tools needed to deliver professional audio mixing. Our team uses a combination of high quality outboard gear and top plugins to produce the cleanest, tightest sounding mix possible. Even if you recorded your project somewhere else, we can overdub and mix your session.

Being artists ourselves, we understand how important it is to capture the true essence of your song. Our sound design engineers appreciate the creative application of compression, EQ, modulation effects and other techniques that are critical for great audio mixing. Using advanced software and hardware processing gear allows us to create well-balanced mixes and take any audio recording from good, all the way to outstanding.

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Audio Mastering

Audio mastering is the process of applying procedures to a final mix in order to prepare the audio for the final production. Q’d Up Audio Services utilizes dedicated software and hardware specifically designed for the audio mastering process. This final, but critical step in audio production adds the finishing touch to the music and optimizes the levels and sonic balances.

The use of audio mastering allows us to compensate for certain problems with a mix and can take your tracks to a new level of intensity. We will deliver a final product that will carry through the richness, clarity and depth of the studio. Contact us about our mixing and mastering services today.

Studio Recording & Musician Services

Our founder, John Luckenbaugh, is a seasoned utility player that can provide production-ready performances on a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, keys, woodwinds and turntables. Q’d Up Audio Services also has relationships with a wide variety of performers who can be brought in to deliver just the right sound on any instrument your project requires.


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