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On-Location Recording

When taking your audio services on the road there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration for location recording. While other sound companies may cut corners, Q’d Up takes pride in delivering the finest quality location recording that is compliant with all industry regulations.

Fully equipped and insured, Q’d Up can record and mix multiple channels of audio for films, documentaries, television programming, commercials and sporting or corporate events. Through high resolution digital recorders, mixers and microphones, we’ll make sure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.


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Live Sound Recording & Mixing

If you’re looking for live sound recording, turn to Q’d Up. We can capture the sound of a live performance in any unique setting, ranging from small rooms to concert halls and churches, through high resolution digital recorders and microphones. We’ll make sure your live sound recording turns out exactly how you imagined it.

Whether in the studio or on location, we will synchronize all recordings with a video camera to make sure the highest quality “real” sound is recorded at the time of filming. Q’d Up has worked with a variety  of cameras and formats including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, RED, miniDV, HDV, HD, 35mm and tape or tapeless.

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Equzlizer Icon  Recording it Right The First Time

In order to get good dialog recording in a film, several things have to occur:

  • Start from the beginning in the planning stages of the project.
  • Be sure to take the dialog recording into consideration when scouting locations for filming.
  • Not only is it preferred to collect your actors lines while on the set, but in the long run it will save you time, energy and most importantly, money.
  • There’s no magic bullet to fix it later, and software tools can only do so much to try to mask the unwanted parts of a bad recording.
  • Before shooting on location be sure the audio services company has up to date insurance in the event something happens in the field.

Location Sound Recording Icon  Benefits of Field Recording

There are many benefits to field recording. First and foremost, original field sound helps make a project unique. It also allows for singular sound effects that make the production original and authentic. We travel the country to get just the right sound, whether it is a rowdy city ambiance or a bird in the forest. From an elephant’s roar to the hum of a vintage motorcycle, our location recording service gives filmmakers the ability to portray their story in an accurate and convincing way.

We have been live sound mixing and recording since 2006. Whether it’s capturing natural sounds outdoors, gathering interviews, recording dialogue, or even getting the perfect destruction sound, we’ve got you covered. Our team has the gear, expertise and sense of adventure that makes our live sound mixing fresh, different, creative and meaningful.

Nothing can compare to fresh air and unfamiliar surroundings to inject some unique color into your audio post production and enhance your creative insight.

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