Casting & Voice Over

Casting & Voice Over

Cast Just the Right Voice

Voice Over Recording & More

Q’d Up Audio offers comprehensive voice over production services including voice over recording, editing and mixing. We have a vast selection of microphone and mic preamps as well as a VO booth that generates a clean and moldable voice recording.

Voice over artists require clarity, articulation, and a clean recording. We can create a perfectly dry acoustic space that is ideal for voice over recording.


Voice (VO) Casting & Talent

Looking for the perfect voice for your project? Our team will work on voice casting directly with you. We want to make sure you cast just the right voice for your project. You will have the opportunity to choose from our extensive nationwide pool of voice over professionals. Our large and diverse talent pool has much to offer. We can help you with voice casting to find the ideal voice talent.

When looking for voice over talent for your project, we offer a great selection of male and female voice over narrators. You will be pleased with our large roster that includes actors of various ages who are fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German languages. Q’d Up will help you find the best voice over talent for your needs.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) is the process of recording and replacing voices after the original shooting sequence. When the scene is shot on location or the sound stage has mechanical special effects, the dialogue may be impacted.

Q’d Up Audio offers ADR recording and supervision services. Our engineers have a long history working for TV shows, feature films and independent films.


More About Us

Audio Editing Services

We provide voice over production and audio editing services for commercials, podcasts, games, audio books, animations, ADR, media, motivational speakers, demo reels, institutional, e-learning, and more.

Podcast Production

Q’ Up can deliver podcast services including recording, editing and post production in creating broadcast ready podcasts. We will work with you to create the outcome that you envision for your podcast production.


Audio Book Production

We also offer editing and post production for audio books. During audio book production and editing, audio recordings are mixed and mastered to ACX guidelines for audible distribution. For a high quality audio book recording every time, turn to Q’d Up.


Work With Us
Voice Over Projects

Our sound stage can accommodate traditional ADR, voice over, and simultaneous audio commentaries all in broadcast quality. We have a lot of depth in voice over projects. Some of our work includes:

Q’d Up Audio also offers remote recording services and is able to connect to studios around the world via SourceConnect, Skype, Ichat and Phone Patch. Contact us today to get started!