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Cutting-Edge Audio Post Production

Whether you’re an out-of-town producer or a local production company, we strive to exceed your expectations. No matter the project, you’ll get cutting-edge audio post production from Q’d Up.


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Dialogue Editorial

Dialogue editorial is an essential step in the audio post production process. It includes assembling, editing and synchronizing your production recordings then adding in any ADR audio to create a seamless playback.

Q’d Up will build you a library of reusable vocalizations for every project such as laughing, common exclamations, grunts, and more to help you save on ADR recording costs. We are experts at smoothing uneven production audio for a seamless dialog experience.

ADR Recording & Audio

We realize that no matter what your project may be…the story always resides in the dialog. Q’d Up offers automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) recording, supervision, and editing services. Our engineers have a long history working on ADR audio for TV shows, feature films and independent films.

Locating the proper take from the recorded audio, checking sync and eliminating extraneous noise is critical to allowing the mixer to properly clean the dialogue.



Let’s Work Together

Sound Design Recording & Audio

Our sound design services craft memorable audio experiences that are essential to telling your story. We draw from a massive sound effect library and collection of custom studio recordings to provide the right sound for your project. We specialize in Foley sound effects to supply your mix with subtle, everyday sounds that gives your project a natural feel. Put your viewer in the moment and bring your scenes to life with Q’d Up’s audio post production.

State-Of-The-Art Sound Mixing

Q’d Up offers a state-of-the-art mixing and re-mastering room for theatrical features, documentaries, television, gaming, as well as all new media. No matter how big the screen, you want your sound large. The best monitoring guarantees that your mix goes to broadcast just as it was intended.

During sound mixing we bring all of your audio elements together including music, sound effects, dialogue and Foley sound. The sum of these parts ultimately determines the overall effectiveness of each editorial decision made along the way, so the details are very important.



Audio Sweetening & Mastering

From television series, commercials and promos to documentaries, trailers and feature films, we know it’s the final mix that brings all the hard work together. Our audio sweetening and mastering suite is equipped with essential gear designed to meet your needs.

Audio sweetening is an important part of audio post production, as it fine-tunes the audio. We understand that getting these sound mixing elements just right is the key to a successful final outcome on any project, which is why our sound designers work to balance each moment’s sonic elements to create a memorable experience for the listener. Call us today to get started!