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Penn State Health Launches a Podcast to Keep Their Internal Audiences Informed

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Penn State Health was interested in launching their own podcast. They recognized the extreme growth of podcasting and wanted to develop more  communication with their internal audience. Scott Gilbert, Team Lead of Public Relations and Multimedia at Penn State Health set up a meeting over coffee with John in late 2019 where they talked through podcast concepts that the office had been discussing. After their initial meeting, John worked on a plan to bring the podcast to life.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the United States. Penn State Health knew it was necessary to have a way to communicate important updates and answer any questions. They turned to John to launch the podcast. “When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, our office realized a podcast could serve as a key vehicle for reaching people across Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine,” Scott says.

Overcoming Podcast Challenges

Coronavirus Q&A was developed solely for Penn State Health’s internal audience. “I’ve developed podcasts before, but launching one aimed exclusively at an internal audience presents specific challenges,” says Scott.

The podcast needed to be easy for all employees to access, download and listen to. To solve this challenge, John launched the podcast on a hosting platform that was private, easy to use and included a subscriber database. Scott adds, “John has helped navigate several hurdles with the hosting platform we use for this private program. This includes management of the subscriber database and ensuring we are able to keep our subscribers when we transition away from Coronavirus content.”

Transitioning Podcast Content

At first, episodes focused on explaining new processes, answering questions about Human Resources policies, and highlighting the great work being done across the organization. Scott explains, “Coronavirus Q&A has served as an on-the-go resource that complements the other vehicles Penn State Health uses to inform and engage nearly 20,000 people across the health system and Penn State College of Medicine.”

“Realizing that COVID-19 would be part of our reality for a long time to come, the focus of Coronavirus Q&A evolved into longer-term safety and recovery efforts,” says Scott. Now, Penn State Health is planning to expand Coronavirus Q&A to include a broader content focus. According to Scott, “we are working with John to transform Coronavirus Q&A into a broader resource to keep staff, faculty and students connected with the people and happenings of Penn State Health.”

The Benefit of Working with Q’d Up Audio

“Producing this podcast in conjunction with Q’d Up has allowed us to engage key internal audiences amid a rapidly-evolving, unprecedented situation. Having John record, produce and upload each episode of Coronavirus Q&A allowed our office to focus specifically on the content,” says Scott. “John was able to help us navigate many of these hurdles due to his previous experience with internal corporate podcasts.”

“I thoroughly enjoying working with Scott and Penn State Health on their internal podcast. I feel honored to have a role in making sure they were able to keep everyone at Penn State Health informed during the pandemic,” says John. John is looking forward to continuing podcast production services for Penn State Health as they transition the podcast’s content.