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Audio Post Production – Sound Design, Re-Recording Mix, Dialogue Editing

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Audio post production is an integral part of the overall production process that provides material with great quality. Novatar realized they needed help with their audio on their television series Kids Prov 123. Their video looked great on screen, however, the message needed to get through to the audience.


In audio post production we proceeded to level audio, EQ, mix and create new sound design for each episode. Also it was important to consult with them on how to utilize their sound recording tools.

Kids Prov 123 – totally original. No two skits are alike.  Skit content is suggested by tween/teen studio and out-of-studio audiences.  All audiences actively participate in making Kids Prov 123 a hit.  The tween/teen cast uses improv acting, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, mime, poetry and more.

We mixed, edited and sound designed the show to complement their great television series. Their show format really impressed us so we wanted to make sure the sound was great.

Sound Recording Consult

Fixing sound in post-production is only viable if the original audio recording is up to some minimal standards from the start.  It’s not just about the quality and variety of the sound equipment, but also how to use such tools.  Mic placement, recording levels, and also knowing how changes in actors’ voices can impact equipment.

Dialogue Editing

Making sure the message is clear on a video is very important.  For this we made sure the recorded dialogue was edited and where needed – fixed through restoration hardware.  Also, after completing dialogue editorial, we made sure the audio was leveled so that the volume was consistent throughout the dialogue tracks.

Sound Mixing #1

Sound Mixing #2

Sound Mixing #3

Sound Design

In creating the sound design, we made a natural sounding laugh track and audience reaction track to supplement the recordings from the live audience.  A previous engineer had placed too many laughter and clap sound effects and laid them randomly throughout each episode.

Re-Recording Mix

Using creativity and technical skills we came up with the best mix for each episode.  The whole goal of this step in the production was to come up with tracks of excellent quality that sound professional, all while communicating the message of the tracks to the audience.

If the listeners are affected in a way you envisioned to be when the concept was planned, then you certainly have achieved your audio goals.  Sound is truly just as important as good footage.

Project Location: Fort Myers, FL
Work TypeAudio Post Production