Kahli’s Grind Theory Album

Q'd Up Work

Kahli’s Grind Theory Album: Record Production

Kahli’s Grind Theory album was mastered at Q’d Up by John Luckenbaugh. “Turn Cold”, “I Do It”, “G.R.E.E.N.”, “Dutty Collar”, “Freedom”, “Falling”, “Holding Me Back” were all recorded and mixed at Q’d Up by John Luckenbaugh.  “Pen Pal” and “Feel Good” were recorded, mixed and produced at Q’d Up by John Luckenbaugh.

Nigerian born and D.C. resident, Kahli Abdu, talks about the struggles of being an immigrant in the U.S. while trying to make it in the game. With production from both American and Nigerian producers, The Grind Theory provides a wide range of sounds from Afro Beat to Hip Hop.

Project Location: Washington, DC
Work TypeRecord Production