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The Hershey Company’s Monday Morning Report Podcast – Podcast Editing, Production, Transcription and Notes


The Hershey Company launched the Pod Podcast in January of 2017 with the goal of connecting employees to the corporate HQ by providing information and company news that would be interesting and useful in moving the business forward.

The content needed to be punchy and portable—the audience is mostly salespeople in the field, and the podcast is something they can download and play in the car, or stream over a meal or during the very brief moments in their day that can be considered “downtime.”


To achieve these goals, the podcast posts Monday mornings at 6:00 ET and has a simple to understand production format that includes:

To support these goals, the following tactics were employed:

The Pod Podcast is an audio production of the Hershey Company that connects front-line employees back to the corporate HQ. Each episode gives them information and company news that they’ll find both interesting and useful in moving their business forward.

The Hershey Company has thousands of employees out in the field all over the world.  They tune in weekly to hear company news and interact with leaders in the organization to better understand their messages and to hear company news.


The potential audience is well into the thousands.  Hershey is in the nascent stages of this particular communications channel.  Until January 2017, Hershey had never had an in-house podcast.  They’ve managed to build a devoted following and are now working on building a bigger following, through engagement with different audience groups, cross-promotion with other communications channels, and other strategic efforts.

The audience is mostly a sales audience, but from available metrics, it shows that there are employees from other areas who are tuning in too.

That’s gratifying and motivating—people are out there listening to what we do, so we work hard to make it great. – Rob Smith, the Pod’s host

The current format is considerably different from the format they conceived of when they started mapping ideas out for the podcast, but a big part of that is due to the fact that they’ve gotten to know their audience better.  They now know what they need from a news program and the interaction with their leaders allows them to better understand the messages that most resonate with the audience.

Recognition is a big aspect of the show as the company does more to recognize employees, Hershey is allotting more time in the show to cover it.

Over and above the enjoyment of the process of building our episodes, developing that relationship with the audience has been the most rewarding aspect of doing this. – Rob Smith, the Pod’s host

Project Location: Hershey, PA
Work Type: Podcast Production

The Pod - Monday Morning Report