Enhanced Pain Management Audio CD

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Enhanced Pain Management Audio CD (Binaural Relaxation): Audio Editing, Mastering

Pain is one expression of stress in the body. One way to counter pain is to encourage a relaxation response in the body. The relaxation response decreases heart rate, respiratory rate, muscular tension, emotional distress, and pain– all without pills.

During this 20-minute guided meditation, you will move through diaphragmatic breathing and progressive relaxation designed specifically for people with chronic pain by Dr. Darnall. Layered behind her voice are subtle binaural sounds designed to enhance the brain’s relaxation response. It appears to reduce markers of stress and pain, as well as the need for analgesia.

When practiced regularly, this recording will optimize the mind-body connection and encourage a greater connection with our bodies, even for people who do not have chronic pain. When we are armed with a greater connection to our bodies, we also tend to make better choices and deliver better self-care.

Project Location: Boulder, CO
Work TypeAudio Book Production