Century Brass Virtual Instrument

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Century Brass Virtual Instrument

Century Brass Virtual Instrument: Sound Design (Audio Editing, Programming and Kontakt Scripting)

8Dio Century Orchestral Brass Bundle is the definitive state-of-the-art collection of ultra-realistic brass instruments. 8dio’s most significant leap forward in orchestral deep-sampling. Infused with emotion and intention in every sample.

This luxury bundle collection contains both the powerful Century Ensemble Brass collection – and the exquisite Century Solo Brass collection.

All elegant creations in each their way. From the soaring bite of the trumpet to the loneliness of the horn. The gorgeous breath of the Flugel Horn to the gliding, fluent notes of the Trombone. It’s father. The Bass Trombone. Marks itself with raw, deep, character. The Cimbasso to shine brightly where the Tuba cannot. The Tuba to shine on the warm, bottom surface.

The Century Brass Sessions took place over 2 years, selectively hand-picked players from across Europe. 700 hours of session time.

It is a truly emotional and realistic collection of incredibly deep-sampled brass instruments.

Century Orchestral Brass contains 4 microphone arrays: “Mixed, Close, Decca and Wide” and contains 195GB of opulent samples (95GB compressed).

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Project Location: Saint Helena, CA
Work TypeSound Design