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Armament Game: Sound Effects, Background Music, and Menu Music

Armament will be played as a real time strategy (RTS) game which has an arcade feel and manga art style.



Creating a unique experience that allows for a player to really take command over the battlefield. Armament will allow for unique gameplay completely customized by the strategies the player wants to use. The tides of war are always changing allowing for challenges for our players in every battle. The goal of the game is never repeating the same battle twice.


Basic Information

  • Genre:
    Modern Action Arcade Strategy Game in 3rd Person View (RTS)
  • Audience:
    Young Adults 16 ~ 26
  • Platform:
    PC, Xbox One, PS4
  • Technology:
    Xenko, C#.NET, Blender, GIMP


Key Features

  • Real Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI): Player will engage in combat that will be scripted to play as real people making decisions based on events and knowledge of the battlefield
  • Extreme Customization: Each player will be able to customize their combat style to their own without worrying about duplicate players on the battlefield
  • Allies & Enemies: Around every corner not only as PVP but also PVE, war is unpredictable at times.
  • Coop and Single Player: Players are able to join on a team of PVP or PVE in different scenarios
  • Game Modes: Players will enjoy numerous hours of fun with the different game play including death match & team death match
  • Tactical Advanced Team Work: Players will have to make many decision on how to operate as a team to achieve a victory
  • New Content: New content being created by the team
  • Arcade Game Play: Players will be able to join and leave as needed so they are not tied down, you’re able to play for 5 minute or 5 hours.
  • Manga art will be used to add easy look and feel to the game.

Project Location: Topeka, KS
Work TypeSound Design, Music Production