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Audio quality, editing, volume control and production are all integral parts to creating a great sounding podcast. Gravity Digital realized they needed help with their client’s audio on their Green Thumb Podcast. They relied on us to use best takes and put the pieces together so it sounds professional.


Q’d Up offers the most robust selection of podcast services and specializes in audio production. We use professional tools such as noise reduction, compression, and equalization to make the podcast sound professional.  We utilized cutting edge software and studio equipment to make each and every show sound its best.

The Green Thumb Podcast is a resource for gardeners all across the gulf coast region. A new expert guest every week will share their knowledge and stories, and answer listener questions. Recorded at The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Texas.

Audio Quality

Sound quality is the most important characteristic of a podcast. It precedes content by a mile. Problematic audio can and does make a potential listener form a critical mindset about your podcast within the first few minutes of listening. It takes dedication and determination to keep listening to a podcast whose volume levels are too low, or one with distracting background noises.  The fact that all the top ranking podcasts boast good sound quality means that you can’t have a successful podcast without one.

Audio & Dialogue Editing

For many podcasters, editing is the least appealing part of making the podcast.  Unsurprisingly, many podcasters choose to skip this part of the podcast-making process.  Editing is crucial, especially for podcasts rich with natural conversations and interviews.  Less is more.  We edited away the tangents, and only keep the good parts.  It makes the podcast even more powerful.  In editing we adjusted the EQ, removed errors, compressed, and address noise issues.

Podcast Production

By adding music, commercials, and archival segments we lifted the podcast from a mere audio program — to a true form of art. Award winning podcasts use various editing techniques to create breathtaking episodes.  It is a vital part of making a good podcast. It can also help raise the podcast above the general clutter of ‘audio programs’ and make it a true piece of art.

Levels & Loudness

The most important part of achieving a polished mix is to keep your audio levels consistent. Volume across the episodes reached a standard of -16 LUFS and maximum true peak of -1db.   Adjusting a mix to stay consistent at -16 LUFS is trickier than it seems. It might require not only careful adjustment of the level of each sound clip, but also some riding of the levels within the clip.

Audio Levels

Audio Loudness

To excel as a world-class show, consistent, excellent audio quality is a requirement. We coach you in getting great equipment and adhere to strict processes (noise reduction, equalization, leveling, file structure, etc.) to transform your source recordings into excellent end results for your audience to cherish.

The Green Thumb Podcast won a Bronze Addy at the American Advertising Awards (2014) for being part of Gravity Digital’s The Arbor Gate – Green Thumb Campaign.


Project Location: Tomball, TX
Work Type: Podcast Production