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Anthology Strings Virtual Instrument: Sound Design (Audio Editing, Programming and Kontakt Scripting)

8dio has released Anthology Strings, which is the final and concluding chapter in their Adagio and Agitato Series.

Anthology is a completely redesigned and reimagined version of both Adagio and Agitato Series with 66,500 samples and a wealth of new and unique features.

Anthology Strings contains both Ensemble, Divisi and Solo Strings for both Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses from Adagio and Agitato. All recorded exclusively with grand Neumann microphones – inside a rare church recording environment. The three sensible microphone positions (Close, Mixed, Far) offers you full mastery over the sound.

Everything has been built from ground up with a completely new user interface, ability to build your own articulation matrix and combine patches, several new control schemes, including a new engine technique that allows you to control the length of arcs (aka dynamic bowings), new multi-layered and tuned legato. 8dio also did a complete overhaul of all the solo instruments using sample modelling techniques, so they are much more nimble and easier to use.

Project Location: Saint Helena, CA
Work TypeSound Design