Innovative Audio Services in Harrisburg, PA

Creative Sound Studio Specializing in Audio Post Production Services

If you need a sound studio in Harrisburg, PA, look to Q’d Up. For over 10 years, we’ve proudly worked with a diverse group of clients including independent directors, big and small production companies, design studios, agencies, visual artists and direct clients in many neighborhoods and suburbs in Harrisburg, Hershey, and the surrounding areas.

Our company provides exceptional audio services including audio post production, sound design, location sound, record production, casting and voice over, music production and composition, transfer and restoration services and much more! In the studio or on location, we adhere to the highest quality standards. Our attention to detail is reflected in the audio services we deliver to our clients. Our Hershey, PA studio provides leading technology in a comfortable setting.


Q’d Up Audio Services has won countless accolades for our work, but the heart of everything we do lies in the success we bring to our clients. Over the past decade, Q’d Up Audio Services has expanded its offerings to become a one-stop-shop for high-quality audio services. Below is just a sampling of what we can do for you:


Professional Sound Services in Harrisburg, PA

Fully equipped and insured, Q’d Up Audio Services can record and mix multiple channels of audio for films, documentaries, television programming, commercials and sporting or corporate events. Through high-resolution digital recorders, mixers, and microphones, we deliver the finest quality location recording that is compliant with all industry regulations. It is our goal to record and deliver high-quality audio to all of our clients in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. Our location audio equipment includes:

Single Kit:
(1x) Portable field mixer (1x) Microphone / boom pole kit (2x) Talent wireless kits (1x) Camera breakaway cable

Double Kit:
(1x) Portable multi-track mixer/recorder (1x) Microphone / boom pole kit (2x) Talent wireless kits (1x) Smart slate OR sync box

Main equipment (other equipment is available if needed):
Booms: KTek
Lavs: Lectro 400 with Sanken Cos-11
Shotgun: Rode NTG3, Sennheiser K6
Mixers: Sound Devices 302, Sound Devices 664, Zaxcom Nomad

When you need to record and mix multiple channels of audio for films, documentaries, television programming, commercials and sporting or corporate events, we’ll make sure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.

Harrisburg’s Award-Winning Sound Designers

At Q’d Up, we’ve mastered the art of sound design, bringing your stories to life for the pleasure of viewers nationwide. From the organic sounds of nature to booming explosions, our sound designers record, create and tailor the right sounds to your unique project for a personality and soundscape all its own. In addition to most commercial sound effects libraries, we draw on a large collection of our own custom recordings and designed sounds to bring each show to life.


Transfer and Restoration Services in Harrisburg, PA

With over 10 years serving as audio specialists in the Harrisburg, PA, area we have the expertise to transfer and restore your old vinyl records, cassettes, and reels to digital format.

Our studio has forensic and restoration equipment that allows our engineers to remove audible noises and imperfections to create a higher quality audio file. Let Q’d Up help you preserve your memories with our audio transfer and restoration services!