Creative Audio Services in Reading, PA

Reading, PA Post Production Audio Facility

Located close to Reading, Q’d Up is a post production audio facility that has been crafting sound for over 10 years. We are recognized for our experienced client service approach, passion, knowledge, and creativity. We listen attentively to clients, rolling-up our sleeves to create the ideal sound for each unique production. Put our experienced, award-winning team of artistic and inspired professionals behind your next production and ‘wow’ audiences with superior sound quality, design, and mixing.


Specialized Expertise in Audio Post Production

We mix everything from Theatrical Features to TV Documentaries and Interactive content. We are heavily versed in fulfilling different required deliverables for a multitude of projects.  You gain specialized expertise in re-recording mixing, music and dialog editing, sound design and foley, voice over recording and ADR with perfectly timed synchronization.

Professional Sound Services in Reading, PA

Q’d Up was created with the intention of providing a Sound Recordist or boom operator to Producers and Production Assistants. Our in house crew alongside an extended list of freelancers means we are able to fill positions quickly, eliminating all of the hassle associated with your search. Just let us know your requirements and leave it with us! We are able to supply Location Sound Recordists and Audio Equipment for Television and Corporate Video Productions as well as Live Events and Music. Our offices are close to Reading and we have a network of Audio Professionals throughout Central Pennsylvania.

High Quality Audio & Sound Recordings

Covering a wide range of work including Documentary, Drama, Corporate, Commercial, multi-cam / reality TV and location music recording; we can come up with solutions for problems you may be facing and have the skills to deliver high quality recordings.  Q’d Up also has experience in interactive work and working with artists, both for installation and performance.   We can provide very compact yet flexible setups, and equipment can be supplied which ensures all cameras and sound equipment stays in sync with matching timecode.  This can save hours of post production work.

At Q’d Up, we know Boom Operators must work to achieve excellence, operating with stealth and dancing between the raindrops.  We can place the microphone in just the right place so that the best quality sound can be recorded. This includes matching the background of the dialogue so that scenes may be cut without a drastic change in the background noise floor.


Reading, PA Sound Design Services

We create customized and memorable audio accompaniment for documentaries, films, reality television programs, commercials, and video games.  We work with television, film producers, and directors to noticeably enhance their production – from the roar of a jet engine to the calming sound of a flowing stream.  Q’d Up can incorporate powerful audio accompaniment and custom effects at the perfect moment, with just the right impact to intensify viewer reaction.


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