Why Your Company Needs An Internal Podcast

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Why Your Company Needs An Internal Podcast

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Employees are being bombarded by emails, digital notifications, Zoom meetings and alerts constantly. It’s incredibly difficult to break through the overflowing inbox to get your message read. So how can you help messages reach your employees and stand out in an oversaturated alert world?

Internal podcasts are a new and effective way for companies to communicate directly with their employees. While public podcasts can be accessed by anyone, internal podcasts are created by the company and privately distributed to its employees. Read on to learn why internal podcasts work and how to begin yours today.

Why an Internal Podcast?

Employees are constantly receiving communications from their employer, co-workers, clients and other team members. Emails and meetings are becoming more of a stressor than effective communication tools. In 2019, the Harvard Business Review shared a McKinsey study showing professionals received an average of 120 message per day. Since that time, the number of emails and messages received have only gone up.

Companies need a new way to talk with employees that doesn’t require a screen and can bypass the stress of an overflowing inbox. Enter internal podcasts.

Benefits of an Internal Podcast

With an internal podcast, companies can speak directly to their employees in their own unfiltered voice. They can serve as all-hands company-wide meetings deep diving into the latest quarterly earnings or simple, brief updates sharing changes to policies or employee news. The possibilities are truly endless.

A great example is Penn State Health and its Coronavirus Q&A podcast. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, policies and procedures around the virus were rapidly changing. Coronavirus Q&A has served as an on-the-go resource that complements the other communications vehicles used by the company to inform and engage nearly 20,000 people across the health system and Penn State College of Medicine. Read more about the project here.

Here are some other great benefits of internal podcasts:

Start Your Internal Podcast

Like any new project, an internal podcast will take a large amount of time for it get up and running and be a success. Podcasts require research, extensive planning, high-quality recording and production and a distribution method.

Q’d Up will partner with your company to create high-quality podcasts to reach your employees. We are experienced at creating high quality and engaging internal podcasts, like our projects with Penn State Health and The Hershey Company. Let us eliminate the stress of producing, recording and editing an internal podcast. Contact us today and get started.