Our Guide to Finding Great Podcast Guests

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Our Guide to Finding Great Podcast Guests

Hosting guests on your podcast is a great way to reach a new audience, develop thoughtful and entertaining conversations and introduce you and your audience to new ideas. Sounds great, right? There’s just one big hurdle – How do you get guests on your show?

Start with the Basics
Our Guide to Finding Great Podcast Guests

Before you start searching for podcast guests, it’s important to compile basic information about your podcast and plan out the episode that will feature a guest. Potential guests aren’t going to blindly agree to be on your show, so you need to prove to them that your podcast is a perfect place for them to share their expertise.

When you pitch to potential guests, you should provide:

You should also be prepared to answer any follow-up questions, like how the show will be promoted or questions about your podcast’s analytics.

Pro Tip: Nailing down these details are also an important step to increase your podcast subscribers!

Do Your Research

Now it’s time for the dirty work – researching to find potential guests. There countless topics to cover and experts to interview, so it can be a daunting task to find the right person (or people) to guest on your show. Your guest should be knowledgeable in the episode topic and have information to share that your audience will find valuable. Here some places to search for the right guest:

Contact Potential Guests

When reaching out to guests, it’s important to give a good first impression, remain professional and provide the information noted earlier in the blog. Nowadays, social media makes it easy to contact and connect with people. There are also great tools that were specifically made to contact podcast guests.

Get Started

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to get started! Remember to start with planning out your episode and gathering information to share with potential guests. When it’s time to start researching, we recommend using a spreadsheet to keep track of people who could be a good fit for your show. Once you’re ready to contact potential guests, use the spreadsheet to keep track of who you’ve contacted, their responses and their progress to become a guest on your show.

We Can Help

Once you’ve found the perfect guest, Q’d Up can help you create high-quality podcasts to reach your customers without breaking the bank. We’ve been creating full-length podcasts since 2006. At our sound studio in Hershey, PA, we create engaging digital audio content for those looking for a creative way to stand out from the competition and better connect with their target audience. We also work with a number of remote clients to edit and support them throughout the post-production process.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your business’s sound needs.