Growing Your Podcast with Video

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Growing Your Podcast with Video

Video is one of the hottest trends in podcasting. While many think of podcasts as a purely auditory experience, podcast creators are finding incredible success by adding video components to their marketing and content strategies.

Whether you are new to the world of podcasts or a veteran looking grow your already substantial following, the tips below can help expand your reach and take your subscriber numbers to new heights.

Growing Your Podcast with Video

Get Visual

Video dominates social media platform algorithms. As a podcaster, adding a video component to your series can help you use the algorithm to reach more followers and potential fans.

Record and Upload to YouTube

There are a few common methods of sharing your podcasts as a video. Some podcasts can offer a high production video that may feature cutting between shots of hosts or guests and captions or graphics to support the conversation. Others have a simple video set up with one camera set to record the entire conversation from a consistent angle.

If these options sound overwhelming, don’t fear! The simplest option is to add a graphic like your podcast cover art and episode details to an image that will appear throughout the recorded episode. This is a workaround to essentially use YouTube as one more method of podcast distribution without the added expense and complication of recording video. There are free and simple options available to create your own graphics online (Canva is one of our favorites).

Go Live on Facebook

Give listeners a sneak peek into your next episode! By going live on Facebook, you can create buzz for your next episode to drop and use your live video as a teaser.

Hosts can go live solo to talk about their upcoming episode or use live during an interview to highlight the topic of choice.

Live video works even better if a guest is involved, whether they are being recorded in-studio or remotely. If they are calling in or recording remotely, you can use something fun like a framed photo of them to give your audience a visual.

Guests not only add additional excitement to your episode, but you can also tap into their network to reach new listeners. Ask your guests to share the video content developed from the episode they are featured on to reach a new audience that is likely to enjoy your conversation.

Hold Weekly Q&A Sessions with the Hosts

Podcasts have a unique ability to make listeners feel like they are part of the conversation amongst friends. The casual conversational style found in many series has a humanizing effect on hosts and helps listeners view them as genuine people instead of untouchable celebrities or talking heads.

By making your listeners truly part of a conversation, they will be even more passionate about your content and more likely to recommend your podcast to friends and family. Q&As are a fantastic method of engagement to increase interaction with your audience directly and the audience, in turn, feels like part of the show.

Q&A sessions can be held on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Pick the channel that best represents where your fans are to get started and grow from there! By creating a recurring time and day for your session, you’ll find fans are able to plan to attend and it becomes something they can look forward to each week.

Use The ‘Gram

How could a purely visual channel like Instagram help grow an audio medium? Instagram claims more than 1 billion monthly users – that’s a lot of potential listeners within reach!

By using hashtags that fit your target audience, you can get your content in front of people interested in what you have to say.

But what is your Instagram content, you ask? Behind the scenes photos of hosts, guests and your recording area can be great and quick photo content. Creating “audio video” snippets of each episode or interview can give viewers insight into your podcast. These can include real video or graphics including quotes or a graphic that names your episode name and guest. Instagram allows videos up to 60 seconds.

Get Started!

Creating great video content can be daunting. Try starting out by creating video files with static graphics to complement your audio. Taking the plunge into video one step at a time can be a great way to work up to your ultimate content goals.

We Can Help

Q’d Up can help you create high-quality podcasts to reach your customers without breaking the bank. We’ve been creating full-length podcasts since 2006. At our sound studio in Hershey, PA, we create engaging digital audio content for those looking for a creative way to stand out from the competition and better connect with their target audience. We also work with a number of remote clients to edit and support them throughout the post-production process.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your business’s sound needs.