Choosing the Best Method to Distribute Your Audiobook

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Choosing the Best Method to Distribute Your Audiobook

Choosing the Best Method to Distribute Your Audiobook

Whether you are in the audiobook planning stages or already have one recorded and ready to go, you need to consider how your audiobook will be distributed. Nowadays, there are several popular and simple ways to distribute audiobooks to the masses. Let’s walk through and compare different distribution methods to find the best way to distribute your audiobook.

ACX (Amazon, Kindle & Audible)

When thinking of audiobooks, many people automatically think of Amazon subsidiary Audible, the largest audiobook producer and retailer in the United States. Audiobook Creation Exchange, better known as ACX, is Audible’s audiobook publishing platform. Most authors use ACX to distribute and publish their audiobooks, and for good reason! ACX has the largest reach and customer base out of any other platform. This is because ACX distributes to Audible, and iTunes. This gives authors great confidence that their books will sell. Before you choose to use ACX, you need to decide if you want to be exclusive or “go wide,” both of which have pros and cons. Let’s break down what this means.

ACX Exclusive

In short, going exclusive with ACX means you can only use ACX to publish and distribute your books. While you will definitely reach your customers and sell books, there are a few things that tag along with exclusivity.

“Going Wide”

“Going wide” means choosing to not go exclusive with ACX and use other distributors to sell your audiobook. Choosing this method gives authors more freedom and flexibility. If you choose to go non-exclusive, you will most likely work with an audiobook aggregator. Audiobook aggregators are companies that partner with multiple distribution platforms and make it easy for authors to manage their distributions. Two of the most well-known audiobook aggregators are Findaway Voices and Authors Republic.

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices (FV) is an audiobook aggregator, and they also offer audiobook production services. FV offers a lot of perks that authors love. Here are things to consider:

Author’s Republic

Author’s Republic is a pure audiobook aggregator. They are very similar to Findaway Voices, but don’t have as many exclusive deals. Here’s a breakdown of what they have to offer: