Bull Publishing Company and Q’d Up produce new audiobook

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Bull Publishing Company and Q’d Up produce new audiobook

Aches and Gains


With Aches and GainsDr. Paul Christo, a Johns Hopkins physician and leading pain specialist sheds new light on what it means to live with and overcome pain. Dr. Christo shares celebrity interviews from his award-winning Sirius XM radio talk show Aches and Gains®, and stories from patients who have found a way to overcome the pain that once controlled their lives.

Offering traditional, integrative, and innovative methods of easing pain, the book is a life-changing tool for anyone associated with pain including pain sufferers themselves, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and caregivers.

Table of Contents


Part I – Understanding and Treating Your Pain

1. Headache Pain

2. Joint and Soft Tissue Pain

3. Arthritis Pain

4. Neuropathic Pain

5. Pelvic and Sexual Pain

6. Infant Pain

7. Sports Injury and Pain

8. Skeletal Pain

9. Workplace Injury and Pain

10. Postsurgical Pain

11. Disease-Related Pain

12. Cancer Pain and Caregiving

13. Autoimmune Pain: A Hidden Epidemic

Part II – Medical Therapies for Pain: Traditional and Innovative

14. Pharmacological Therapies

15. Pain-Relieving Devices

16. Regenerative Biomedicine

Part III – Integrative Therapies for Pain

17. Weight Control, Exercise, and Diet

18. Sleep, Stress, and Emotional Health

19. Mind-Body Techniques for Pain Relief

20. Alternative Medicine and Pain Relief

21. Aromas, Music, and Pain Relief

22. Harnessing the Human Biofield

23. Pain Relief through Movement

24. Conclusion