Making the Move to Audio

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Making the Move to Audio

Bull Publishing Company, based in Boulder, CO, recognized years ago that audiobooks were becoming the fastest growing segment in the digital publishing industry. When they decided to get into the business of audiobooks, they knew they needed an experienced audio engineer to handle their creation from start to finish.

Enter John Luckenbaugh of Q’d Up. Bull Publishing found samples of Q’d Up’s audiobook work online and immediately recognized the impeccable level of quality and attention to detail.

Making the Move to Audio

Claire Cameron, Director of Marketing for Bull Publishing, says she finds John to be highly knowledgeable and appreciates his fair pricing — virtues they value in an audio partner.

Since 2013, John has edited and produced more than 20 audiobooks and related products for Bull Publishing, each with just the right voice talent and all skillfully engineered. Bull Publishing and Q’d Up also have partnered to offer audiobooks in Spanish and French, as well as guided meditation CDs.

“We wanted to make the jump to audiobooks, but we needed the right expertise and bandwidth to get there,” Claire says. “John is the best to work with. Super responsive, great at problem solving and always charges really fair prices given his expertise. We never have to worry about a project being completed on time or the quality — his work is always done right.”

The market for audiobooks is booming at the moment, Claire adds.

“The quick response and skill of Q’d Up got us to market fast and saved us from missing out on a new revenue source,” she says. “We were able to quickly stretch into this new market because Q’d Up is so reliable and did exactly what they promised.”

“Working with John is like giving a project to a trusted employee. You know your project is in great hands.”
Claire Cameron, Director of Marketing, Bull Publishing

John appreciates the relationship he’s built with Bull Publishing.

“I enjoy working with Bull Publishing because their offerings help people become involved in the caring for their families and themselves,” John says. “I think it’s essential to have reliable and accessible health information. With the creation of these audiobooks, Bull Publishing enhanced their readership, made their titles available to non-readers and improved sales. It ultimately puts them ahead of their competition.”

As Bull Publishing and Q’d Up look ahead, together they are focused on staying ahead of customer interests and trends. Check out samples of their work and read a more detailed breakdown of the audio process: Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions.