Best Sound Professionals in York, PA

Boutique Post Facility Specializing in Audio Post Production Services

If you need a custom sound creation, look to Q’d Up Audio Services. For over 10 years, we’ve specialized in sound for film, broadcast TV and radio, the web, video games and interactive projects while proudly working with a diverse group of clients from neighborhoods and suburbs in York, Harrisburg, and the surrounding areas. Our company provides exceptional audio services including audio post production, sound design, location sound, music production and composition services and much more!


In the studio or on location, we deliver superior results on time and on budget. Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in sound for television, film and multimedia. Over the past decade, Q’d Up has expanded its offerings to become a one-stop-shop for high-quality audio services. Below is just a sampling of what we can do for you:


Professional Sound Mixer and Boom Op Services in York, PA

We’ve always been fascinated by sound and how it can be a powerful tool in telling a story or setting a mood. We work for independent film/video producers and television networks providing them with complete location equipment recording packages that include a production mixer and boom person. If you need audio services for a television series, feature film production, television commercials or live performances, contact Q’d Up!

Expertise provided from Q’d Up includes a professional recording of film and video production dialogue and Sound Effects (SFX), work with a boom op, or multitasking as both boom op and sound mixers. We will also operate as the sound recordist or production sound mixer on set, maintain levels, watch for boom shadows, determine sound perspective with directors, and record “room tone.” The final project is a soundtrack with clean, exceptional audio quality. Q’d Up comes fully equipped to solve your sound recording problems on location. We have built up an extensive kit list. We can be a friendly, enthusiastic and reliable member of any team.

York, PA Boom Operators

Our key objective as boom operators is to focus on getting the best possible sound product, regularly, under tough situations. We try to create a comfortable and efficient working environment, within the sound department, as well as with the entire production, to achieve this goal. We think that booming and sound, in general, requires a wide-ranging understanding and attentiveness of virtually all the elements that go into production. And in this, we think we are unique amid our friends on the crew.


Sound Design Services in York, PA

With over 10 years serving as Sound Designers in the York, PA area we can craft truly memorable audio experiences with sound design to get the sound effect, music, or atmosphere that’s essential to telling your story. Let us bring your project to a new level with a custom sound creation and Foley sound effects.